Pam Hupp Takes Plea Deal for life in Gumpenberger murder

She lived behind me. If you haven’t watch the Dateline or 20/20 or read the insanely long, but amazing STLMAG article on this witch, I highly suggest it.

My theory: she masterminded the Faria Murder. And her husband, actually did the stabbing. Of course she killed her mother and Louis Gumpenburger.

They put Russ in prison, he was exonerated, and that’s the end of that for Betsy’s death. There is zero investigation going on, guess they’ll just let it go.

Heres what wanna know. Where is Mark Hupp?
Pam and Mark had a house flipping company. I believe it was in 2017 (I could be wrong but it was AFTER she shot Gumpenburger) the company under the LLC sold the home to Mark for $1. I drove by this house at least once a week, and know the next door neighbors as well. No one lives there according to the next door neighbor and I never see lights on just randomly looking out my kitchen window. But the “H” garden flag still flies and the yard is beautiful. So where did Mark disappear too? Maybe Lincoln county should talk to him as well.

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