$1.1 million in two weeks – Florida cities pay out big to ransomware gangs

Cybercriminals have learnt something very valuable in the last couple of weeks: in order to regain access to their data, cities in Florida are prepared to pay out huge Bitcoin ransoms to hackers.Less than a week after the city of Riviera Beach, 80 miles from Miami, unanimously voted to pay US $600,000 worth of Bitcoins to an extortionist who had locked their IT systems with ransomware, a second city has come to the same decision.The ransomware which hit Lake City is thought, like the Riviera Beach attack, to have entered IT systems after a user mistakenly clicked on a malicious link in their email.The impact on city systems was severe, with Riviera Beach losing access to its email, IT systems knocked offline, and 911 emergency services said to be disrupted.
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