A Guide to Democrats’ Stands on Criminal Justice Issues

In advance of the first Democratic presidential debate, Politico compiles the views of the candidates on policy issues. Included are rundowns on many criminal justice issues, including gun control and marijuana legalization. One sample: Of nine candidates who have expressed a position on mandatory minimum sentences, eight want to eliminate them and one wants to reduce them.

On capital punishment, 14 candidates want to eliminate it and one favors a moratorium. On gun control, ten candidates favor expanding background checks for gun buyers. On marijuana legalization, 18 want to legalize pot and five say the states should decide on their policies. On immigration, three candidates are open to tearing down parts of President Donald Trump’s proposed Mexican border wall, five oppose further funding for the wall and three would favor more funds as part of a broader immigration law. For a full rundown of candidates’ positions on all issues, read the Politico roundup.

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