Actress who skipped jail by missing Rikers bus in hot water — again

Wannabe actress Parisse Daves, who once graced the cover of The Post for scamming her way out of weekend stints on Rikers Island, was back in Manhattan court Tuesday after forging a physician’s name on an Adderall prescription.

Daves, 37, allegedly stole the prescription from Dr. Anna Arsenous, her former boss at a Queens cosmetic surgery office, and then filled it at a pharmacy.

Around the same time, Daves was arrested in Brooklyn for allegedly using a pal’s credit card number to spend $113.56 on a Netflix membership, jewelry and cabs.

She admitted to both crimes, according to court papers.

Daves first landed in hot water in Manhattan in 2016 for depositing $82,950 in forged checks into her bank account. After her attorney pleaded with Justice Laura Ward for leniency, she was sentenced to nine months of weekends at Rikers Island.

But she outwitted authorities by signing up for the bus to Rikers then taking off before it arrived from December 2017 to March 2018.

“The log book shows that Ms. Daves would leave the [Samuel L.] Perry building before being picked up and without being told that she could go,” said Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Robert Shull in court papers.

When she was supposed to be cooling her heels on Rikers, her cellphone records showed her cruising around Manhattan and Brooklyn.

After a hearing confirmed she had played hooky, Ward ordered her to complete 400 hours of community service, which she did, and serve five years’ probation.

“If I find she didn’t do her community service or she gets rearrested, I’ll have absolutely, positively no sympathy and will sentence her to state prison,” the judge threatened at the time.

But on Tuesday, Ward gave the B-movie actress, who had a recurring role in the sci-fi web series “Body Jumpers,” a pass — at least for now.

The judge said she’d wait to see how her new cases play out before tossing her behind bars. She faces up to 15 years in prison.

Daves’ lawyer, Robert Weinstein, declined to comment.

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