Security of mobile OAuth 2.0

They will always push back and so will product and UX people because of the cult of “native is better”

This is usually the case. Standard widgets play nice with accessibility and password manager auto-fill. Native is (usually) better because it means that the app is not just some jquery-mobile app bundled in a native launcher. For the developers that care there’s certain advanced platform integration that’s a lot easier on a “native” app compared to a packaged web-view.

IIRC, it’s still a PITA to detect and work around the “notch” on android devices if you’re using react-native… but the tools to detect/workaround or support the notch are trivial and built in if you use native components.

Of course, i can absolutely name apps that use nothing but native elements to build a horrendous UX while there are some apps that have a delightful UX using react-native.

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