Anyone interested in an autonomous surveillance camera? Share with us some ideas to win a free one!

⭐ Be one of the first 100 to win a free product!? Anyone that gives constructive feedback also gets 50% off! ⭐ Fill out a survey:

Hey guys! We’re a tech and AI company that is dedicated to customer robots and robotic devices. We’d like to introduce you to our NEW conceptual product – a “camera on wheels” that is able to drift freely (360° rotation / lateral drift / 45° oblique drift, etc.)

Now it comes with 1080P image, night vision, Wi-Fi connection, and app control. We’re thinking about making it an autonomous surveillance camera with cruise of preset paths, human detection & auto recharge! So there’re no blind spots when monitoring!

We also got you other different options!

  • Programmable gaming bot for fun

  • Inspection robot for anywhere that’s hard to reach

  • UV cleansing bot for home and travel

  • Pet training tool

How do you like this? Check out our draft and share your thoughts at the link above. Any suggestions on features, industrial design, size, speed, materials, etc. are also welcomed!

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