I saw a documentary back in the 90s about (presumably) innocent people on death row. One of the guys had falsely confessed to a murder his lover comitted, in an attempt to protect her from prosecution.

I think he was a German citizen, but I’m not sure about that. He had to go through all the appeal dealings sticking to his original story (the false confession) for legal reasons I don’t remember. Just saying “I lied about it, I didn’t actually do it” was not a viable option. The murder could have been in the 80s or even 70s for all I know.

Any idea how I could go about finding out about that case?

Now that I think about it, I might be mixing this up with another case of a (German?) convict who had all but beat his murder case, but then went on the stand to testify because he was cocksure he couldn’t be convicted for a crime he didn’t commit. Apparently he made such a bad impression (arrogant, cold, dismissive, whatever) that it led to him getting convicted. Any idea who that was?


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