Need help trying to remember a case I saw on a documentary

It wasn’t too long ago but I’m not sure how old the actual episode is, since I’m in ‘true crime all the time’ mode when I’m not at work and constantly looking/watching/reading into too many things.

On the episode, (I’m thinking possibly from ‘Disappeared’ ?) a young man is on his way home to visit his family. Maybe from college, around a 6 hour drive give or take a little. I’m not sure why exactly but it’s strange to his parents and they sense something seems off. He ends up sitting in his parked car for hours. Calling back and forth with his parents for a while, seems totally fine, but continues sitting there for hours in the meantime. A cop checks on him and assures his parents that he’s completely fine. He checks on him again a few hours later after talking to the guys mom, he’s still sitting in the same spot, and the officer agrees to follow him onto the highway and get him going (while still in contact with the mans mother/father) and once onto the highway he follows him a bit and his work is done.

As far as I can remember, the guy has never been found. It seems like he was heavily contemplating what to do the entire time he was sitting there.

Probably a long shot but it’s really bothering me! Any help appreciated. I’ll post anything else if I think of it. Thanks!

TL;DR: Watched a documentary about a guy suddenly traveling home (from college?) for a strange unknown reason but sat in his car for hours seemingly contemplating going at all while keeping in contact with his parents every few hours saying he was on his way. Think he’s still considered disappeared. Any help on this case?

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