Steven Stayner

I know that male victims of molestation have always been shamed on some level, like they should have prevented it or they must have wanted it or something terrible like that. But the case of Steven Stayner really is shameful. I’d like to think his father’s response would be much less acceptable nowadays, but who really knows what might be going on.

Steven was kidnapped when he was seven years old by two men. He was held captive by them for seven years, and was raped countless times throughout his imprisonment. They made him pose as the son of one of the men and gave him a new identity. When Steven was 14, his “father” kidnapped a five year old boy named Timmy. Steven didn’t want Timmy to suffer as he had and snuck him out of the house to the police station. He tried to avoid the police but ultimately confessed he was also kidnapped years earlier, and was reunited with his family.

Should be a happy ending, except his family (particularly his father) was clearly ashamed that he had been molested. He was picked on at school for it. His father refused to get him counseling and eventually kicked him out of the house for drinking. Steven was never able to open up about the sexual abuse he suffered and get help.

He was quoted after his “rescue” saying he blames himself and doesn’t understand why his dad doesn’t hug him anymore.

He was seven when he was abducted. Fourteen when he was found. He was a child who was being abused. That’s tragic.

Idk why I’m posting this. But I hope my son knows that if- God forbid- he’s ever victimized in such a way, he deserves help and support, not shame and blame.

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