What happened to be the most ironic part of a crime for you?

Let’s go way back to Michael Malloy in the 1930s. He was a homeless alcoholic that got on people’s nerves and five acquaintances of his decided to take out life insurance policies on him. They’d kill him, making it look like an accidental death to collect the insurance money, then split the cash.

What’s ironic about it is that they targeted Malloy because they figured it would be pretty easy to knock off such a vulnerable person that was halfway to the grave from his lifestyle anyway. Even better, they had the means to basically get him to kill himself: one of the conspirators owned a speakeasy. He would simply give Malloy unlimited credit and sit back while he drank himself into alcohol poisoning. Nobody would be suspicious about him dying this way.

Unfortunately, Malloy’s habit of drinking all day every day had built up his tolerance to the point that he had an iron liver.

Every night he would stumble out of the bar and they’d be sure that he’d die in the night, but he always showed back up the next day for more free booze (which was costing the owner a pretty penny). In frustration they kept escalating the toxicity of what he was drinking. They tried antifreeze and rat poison. But he always came back. Eventually they just hit him with a car.

Unfortunately, that just laid him up in the hospital for a few weeks. Now desperate, they finally succeeded in killing him by putting a hose connected to a gas jet in his mouth. The cause of death was assumed to be pneumonia, he was buried, and they finally got their money (though they were out the cost of the exorbitant amount of liquor Mike had consumed).

But by this time the crazy story had gotten out and the murderers had turned on each other because of squabbles over the division of the insurance money. So of course they were caught. The crime they thought would be so easy because of Malloy’s addiction turned out to be so difficult…because of Malloy’s addiction.

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