Bittersweet Ending

I don’t know if anyone has ever watched Cayleigh Elise’s Series on YouTube. She’s been covering cold cases, missing persons, murders, unidentified persons, etc. I have always admired how she thoroughly researched her cases (selected by her former Patrons). Her last formal video was today, and lasted over an hour long.

She’s leaving in order to take care of her mental health (Hooyah), and she has one more video — casual, as she describes — followed by a 10 hour live stream, and then she will be gone, indefinitely.

This is more or less a reflection on how amazing people can be, for doing whatever they can to shed light on the people we are guilty of forgetting about as we get caught up in our daily lives.

I grew up with a fascination of True Crime. I can only dream of doing what Cayleigh has done for these cases, and the friends, and family, affected. And that is why, obviously, I came here. These missing, unsolved, and unidentified people were, and still are, people. With people who have become familiar with the deafening silence of answers to their questions. My passion for this topic will never dissipate.

Anyway, thanks for listening to this blurb (for lack of better word).


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