I’m not a huge true crime fan or anything but I do wanna say something about Jonbenet Ramsey that I think I have some decent insight on (no I don’t think I solved it)

So everyone says the brother did it because of the way he acted.


My mom killed herself when I was 11. And for a couple years I acted a LOT like him.

I acted “fine” because I was dissociating. Bored, even. Even joked around a lot with the people interviewing me (I think they were just therapists but again I don’t really remember because I was dissociating a lot so my memory is funky). I played video games, I went to school, I played with my friends. I didn’t tell any of my teachers what had happened because I wanted to just be silly in class and not looked at weird or pitied.

Sometimes I’d say morbid shit. And I did weird things like write my mom’s name instead of my name for my assignments. I wrote an essay in an English class about how I found her body (I didn’t). Why? I don’t know. I was fucked up about it but I didn’t want to express that by talking about it.

Another thing people mention when accusing him is that he knew his sister was missing. The morning after my mom died I woke up and looked downstairs to see my dad crying and holding my sister. And one cop. My first thought was my mom died. How did I know? I have 0 clue. I just knew my mom died. Could’ve been my brother who died cuz I didn’t see him either, but I knew my mom died. Or maybe another family member. Or maybe someone broke in and stole something very sentimental. It could’ve been anything but I KNEW it was that my mom died, even though I didn’t know how she died.

So idk. I don’t really have any idea who did it. Maybe her brother did kill her. But I don’t think him acting weird is enough. Grief is fucking BIZARRE especially when you’re young, it’s overnight, and it’s someone in your immediate family.


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