Any cameras/recorders that record more than 10 second increments of movement?

Say somebody is breaking into my house (as I've had happen and why I'm getting this) and the initial motion detector goes off being triggered by the entry way light. But by the time they kick the door and faces are visible the cam may not even be recording still. Or their could be many prime shots of their faces of them moving among my house that in missing out on. I do not understand why they would only limit motion detection recording to 10 seconds.

I had a 24/7 recording cheap one but the motion detection sucked and it made me start paying a monthly fee after the trial was over.

I'm completely fine with it only recording and sending notifications to my phone during movement but itd be much more ideal if it was set to record 30 seconds to a couple minutes after movement.

And this is of course only through the cloud as if they find the camera they can obviously just smash it and if all the data on there is on the memory stick I'm fucked…

I was looking at "wyze" cams as most people here seam to favor but the 7 seconds of recording per motion detector seams abysmal and slightly pointless…

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