Do 4k IP security cameras with uncompressed 4k video output exist?

Long-time lurker, first-time poster here!

EDIT: After reading several replies, I realize I’m asking for an adjustable or higher bitrate compression than what is typically offered.

Are there any companies selling IP security cameras that produce uncompressed higher bitrate 4k video output (to NVR, or even to cal sd-card)?

Almost all popular brands compress using H.265 (HEVC) which works great for many reasons (network bandwidth, storage, playback, remote streaming, on and on)

However, my local network resources are not limited by bandwidth, storage, processing power and I’d really love to find a camera that, at the least, saves a lossless 4k version of the video output, maybe to internal sd-card in case of later investigation requiring higher resolution/quality version.

I’ve been searching around for about a week now, in various subs here and other places like Security on StackExchange, Discord, forums, etc.

For those that are more list-oriented, I’m looking for something with the following traits:

Required:- 4k video output, minimum 8 MP uncompressed @ ~8Mbps bitrate (at least to internal sd-card)

Preferred:- Wired RJ45/Ethernet connection, with POE.- Compatibility with Home Assistant / Blue Iris software- Supports ONVIF protocol.- Decent viewing angle, but definitely not wide (e.g. not > 180 deg, etc).

I really haven’t found anything out there that meets this creteria, so any suggestions appreciated. TIA!

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