Let’s Reverse Engineer Discord

If somebody just made a webRTC & WSS powered open source voice chat platform that you could host yourself it would be fantastic. Bonus points for client-to-client key exchanges for communication where the server “Truly is” just a relay for all of you to exchange keys and relay encrypted comms.

Unfortunately the fact that I don’t exchange public keys with the client I’m speaking with directly breaks Discord in my mind and I’ve been avoiding it for a little too long. Being “Free” doesn’t drive that sentence home for me either :

I’m itching to get my hands on the new Teamspeak 5 client which is all prettified and web based html5 like Discord with the added benefit of being backwards compatible with the existing desktop client and existing self-hosted servers. Exciting times for sure and I’m interested to see how similar their calls look to discord as I’m expecting quite a similar looking backend.

Like, me and the boys have been using it for years now out of highschool and I have a dedicated machine in our city we’ve connected to forever. The 5ms latency to our local datacenter is to die for let alone being in control of our own platform.

If a truly open solution comes that looks as beautiful as either of these two, I’ll happily jump right on board.

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