We’re looking to fit our home with a keypad lock. Any recommendations?

I’ve installed a few.

First of all I avoid the ones that have five buttons with two numbers per button, that’s silly, I want ten frickin’ buttons.

There are several types that the battery powered actuator brings the bolt out and in. These are fine except for extreme weather. When it’s cold and the door warps the bolt may not travel as easily, so you have to adjust accordingly, in one case I enlarged the hole by quite a bit where the bolt rests in the jam in the locked position.

My latest is a Shlage BE365 D CAM 619 (I kept the box.) The nice thing about that design is that the battery powered actuator moves a smaller part that briefly engages the knob to the bolt and then your hand turns the knob. If it’s unlocked there is a lock button, if it’s locked, then you must enter the code.

They all struggle with temperatures colder than minus 20 celcius, I have to carry a key as well when it’s very cold out even if I install a fresh battery.

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