#11. Unidentified Female, using the name Maria Mendez Morales, Crow Hang Village, Pima County, Arizona, USA; Unidentified teen for 11 years

Hello. I keep a personal digital “diary” of Jane/John Doe cases. I’ve decided to start posting them. This is case number 11. I try to keep them as concise as possible. If you have any tips on how to make it better or subreddits where I can post it, PM me or leave it below. At the bottom of the post I have the current subreddits I post these on, and my other cases. Case suggested by u/redvelvetcake01

  • Date of Birth: 1988 – 1993 (15 – 20 years old)

  • Sex: Female

  • Location: Crow Hang Village, Pima County, Arizona

  • Date of Death: Hours prior to discovery

  • Body Discovered: June 23, 2008

  • Manner of Death: Unknown

  • Height: 4’7’’ (1.39m)- 4’9’’ (1.44m)

  • Weight: 92 lbs (41.7 kg)

  • Race: Hispanic/Latino

  • DNA: Available, also dental records

  1. Postmortem

  2. Photo on the fake Mexican identification paperwork

  3. Reconstruction by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

  4. Back and front of the Miss May jeans along with the black Nautica belt

  5. Long sleeved shirt

  6. Black tennis shoes and side view

  7. Two pairs of socks

  8. Yellow metal stud earrings with a red stone

  9. Digital watch

  10. Prayer cards and Mexican coins

  11. Scraps of paper with names and numbers: 1 and 2


  • The clothed body of the victim was found along the roadside one mile south of SR 86 MP 126.5. She had died only hours prior to the discovery of her body.

  • She had brown hair, approximately 30 cm long.

  • She had brown eyes.

  • She had pierced ears.

  • One of her tooth has occlusal caries. Three of her other teeth are not erupted.

  • She was found wearing the following articles of clothing:- Blue Miss May denim jeans (size unknown);- light green panties with embroidery on the front;- tan or gray bra with embroidery on the front;- dark green long sleeved shirt (size unknown);- a black Nautica belt with a metal buckle;- two pairs of black tennis shoes;- two pairs of white & black socks with “USA” written on the ankle.

  • She had a pair of yellow metal stud earrings with a red stone and a digital watch with a black plastic band.

  • She had several other personal items on her, such as:- One backpack with fake Mexican identification paperwork with the name of “Maria Mendez Morales” and a birthdate of January 19, 1991. A photograph on the document may be that of decedent;- a black wallet;- scraps of paper with names and numbers;- a comb;- two prayer cards in plastic with some Mexican coins;- a black scrunchie in her hair.

Ruled out: None

Possible matches: Unknown

Me and u/redvelvetcake01 talked about this case a lot when she suggested it to me, and when I was searching for more information on her. They found this comment on Websleuths. In case someone can’t see it, this is what it says:

For the heck of it, I googled “Maria Mendez Morales missing” and found a hit that interested me.

http://books.google.com/books?id=Ar…nepage&q=Maria Mendez Morales missing&f=false

It’s regarding a book called Mexizona. I started skimming through the book for the yellow highlights (the bits that matched my search result) and started reading around Chapter 3. The book has a girl named Maria Mendez Moralez and a boy named Diego Cruz. They first met in Altar, Mexico, she was passing through, and were urged by the local migrants to buy fake passports and pose as a married couple to get through the border into the US. There’s a bit where it mentions her already wearing a ring from her fiance who’s waiting back in Georgia. The fiance had worked up enough money to pay coyotes to get her through the desert.

They were posing as man and wife. Donald Rizzo, 19, and Mary Rizzo, 18, from Lincoln, Nebraska. The forger added a year to both of their ages, and they were wearing matching bright red t-shirts with bold, white lettering that said “GO BIG RED”. In the book, she was a couple months or so pregnant.

Around Ch 7, a couple of guys began shooting at the coyotes and the group and ended up hitting Maria (to my knowledge, our JD wasn’t shot, or pregnant for that matter). The group kept running for cover leaving Maria behind. She was still alive and hit in the leg when Diego did manage to go back to look for her. The guy that shot her was a kid named Arlen, who happened to be the nephew of the Pima County Sheriff.

By Ch 11 she had passed away in the desert, pale and cold. Judging by what I skimmed possibly due to a combination of blood loss and dehydration.

There wasn’t much more about the character after that, and I couldn’t view the entire book, only the beginning to the first page of Ch 18. The copyright is 2013 by Alan A. Larson. The book can be bought online as an ebook, which I just might do.

Amazon.com: Mexizona: An American Dream eBook: Alan A. Larson: Kindle Store




I started more towards Ch 1 (they actually didn’t go through the gate, they got close, but never made it through and ended up doing it the old fashioned way by sneaking out) and noticed something interesting that I had forgotten all about from the few times I’ve passed through Nogales. Video cameras. I wonder if LE had ever went through the border’s video footage of people coming out of Mexico.

/edit 2

I should probably clarify that this book is supposedly a work of pure fiction. I can’t find any details as to whether or not it’s based on a true story.

I also found this comment regarding the address and the phone number on the paper.

I’m Mexican, and I can assure that the address is a very common one.

Also, there’s no area code in Mexico such as 770

And about the other card (where “pastores” is written) I’d like to let you know, at least in Mexico, a “pastor” is only known in Christianity, not in Catholicism.

And the phone number may be incomplete, there are 3 numbers missing.

It can mean nothing, but it can be where Jane Doe got the idea for her name, or where her parents learnt her name. The word ‘Mexizona’ seems like a mix of Mexico and Arizona which also made me intrigued. If the birth date on the document she was carrying is correct, Doe’s birthday would be in two days.

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