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MADISON, Wis. – Madison police are working to identify suspects in the city’s first homicide of the year.

It happened on McKenna Boulevard and Raymond Road about a block from the West District Police Station Saturday afternoon. Police said they believe it was a targeted shooting.

The victim’s identity hasn’t been released, but police said Sunday that he was a 20-year-old man with ties to the Madison and Chicago areas.

He was found dead in an apartment that wasn’t his, according to Madison police public information officer Joel DeSpain. A 911 call came from another apartment Saturday at about 2:30 p.m. Responding officers found the victim alone and shot several times.

DeSpain said the tenant of the apartment where the victim was found is cooperating with police, and they’re working to determine any potential relationship she may have had with the victim. She told police she was not there at the time of the homicide.

A couple rounds of shots went into an adjoining apartment, according to DeSpain.

“Fortunately, no one in that apartment was injured,” he said.

Monica Howard, who lives in another building in the same apartment complex, said this crime hits too close to home in what she considers a close-knit community.

“I do like the west side,” Howard said. “The neighbors have been great here, for the most part. Obviously there’s this situation.”

She and other neighbors are coming to terms with the homicide.

“It’s concerning and it really needs to be more of a community effort,” Howard said. “(There’s) a lot of anxiety, trying to stay calm. I think all of us are just anxious.”

The police department’s violent crime unit is investigating the shooting.

“There really are a lot of question marks as to what transpired,” DeSpain said, adding that police are still trying to determine suspects and a motive.

“We want to know what happened and who did this and how this cannot happen in the future,” Howard said. In her more than five years in the neighborhood, she feels like crime has been increasing.

DeSpain said although police do respond to a number of calls in the area, he can’t say it’s any worse than other parts of the city.

“Most of Madison is relatively safe,” he said. “Certainly, we’re having our problems with gun issues. Even though our numbers of shots fired, they went down last year, we’re still seeing way too many shots being fired. And in this case, unfortunately, we’ve had a very young person, a 20-year-old man, who’s lost his life.”

Howard is asking community leaders and organizations to help make her neighborhood safer.

“This is a great area to live in,” she said. “Let’s lower the crime.”

Police ask anyone in the Raymond Road and McKenna Boulevard area Saturday afternoon who may have seen something suspicious to give the department a call.

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