Security for home with very exposed floor-to-ceiling windows

I am buying a new construction home in Seattle urban area. We are very excited to buy this home, but one factor we loved about this home (open kitchen/living room on the ground floor with large open floor-to-ceiling windows) is turning into a potential concern for home security. We are first time home buyers, and home security is all completely new to us.

  • Our home is in a fairly urban area 5mins away from downtown Seattle. We are on a relatively quiet residential street, one block parallel to a main street which has some stores and new construction mid-rise apartment buildings. The area is going through gentrification, and there are some homeless people in the area as well as young tech people. There is also a church one block away that feeds the homeless. My street has a mix of new construction buildings like mine, as well as some really old homes in bad shape, and some of those old homes have steel security bars on windows & doors.

  • in our small lot, there are 3 similar looking 3-story detached buildings lined up closely together. My building is the front unit facing the street. The other two units in the back have a more typical layout for ground floor, which is comprised of a front door, 1-car-garage, and 1 small bedroom/office with a highly placed window for privacy. The kitchen/living rooms are on the 2nd floor.

  • my building has a more unique layout, with the entire ground floor being open concept kitchen/living room, with both long sides of the wall being 50-80% covered with floor-to-ceiling glass french doors or windows. One long side faces the street. Luckily our building is placed about 5 steps higher up from the ground, and we have some trees planted which should grow up and provide additional privacy. The other long side faces the neighbor building very closely behind us. The two short sides of the walls, we also have 1 large window each. Even our main front door has a giant transparent glass window in the center, taking up about 70% of the door surface.

Now I feel like this home will stand out on this street with all the large windows on the ground floor, and I worry that it may become a tempting target to burglars or potentially even to some homeless/addicts/ or mentally ill in the area.

What would be some recommendations for properly securing this house? Alarm system with floodlight cameras on all 4 exteriors, and window open sensors on all windows & french doors? I was excited about the idea of Ring Alarm system with video doorbell and floodlight cameras, but I was disappointed to find out they don’t really support glass breakage.

Or will this building just bring too much attention no matter what we do? The seller accepted our offer, but we have not yet closed, and can still back out of the deal if we think there will be a security issue.

Tldr: New home feels like like a giant fishbowl with large glass everywhere on ground floor in an urban city. Can we properly secure this home and deter burglars? If so, what are the best things we can do?

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