Camera: Continuous Recording But No Wifi/Mobile reception

Hi Guys – I live in a rural area and have a neighbour that keeps throwing glass bottles at my driveway and doing burnouts etc.

Id like to get a camera down there. It is 100m from the house and has no wifi/mobile reception there. I also assume I cant really get a smart cam as there is probably about ~50 cars that go past the entrance a day which would trigger a bunch of recording plus we have generally bad internet speeds.

  1. I was hoping to find a camera that would record on a continuous 24hr loop, and I can just go down and grab the camera SD card type thing when I see something has happened. Ideally I would have to change the battery every day but understand that might be a compromise.

  2. Alternately I could mount a tele-lens camera back at the house and clear a couple trees to get line of sight.

I’ve been searching, the closest option I found was the Arlo GO but that needs mobile reception.

Any suggestions?

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