I Went Too Far: Need advice for being triggered

I’m not sure if this is allowed or belongs here but I figured of all the communities, you all would understand the best. I’m rarely triggered by true crime and have a very hard stomach for horrible things we are aware of as true crime aficionados (thank you dad for your 30 years as a cop). But today I read/watched somethings that crossed a boundary for me. I tried to resist but I guess I’m a masochist and couldn’t help myself from looking.

I watched the videos associated with Luka Magnotta.

Animal cruelty is a huge deal for me but so is videotaping or photographing human murders. I got both today. And I really should have just stopped at the tiny bits of info I’ve been hearing since the Netflix doc dropped. But I didn’t. And I hate myself for it now. I don’t know what to do now that I’ve crossed the line. I’m not looking for any sympathy, I need to work on not testing my boundaries and that is on me. But if anyone has any advice or discussion on what you do/have done when you’ve seen or heard something that went too far for you, I would really appreciate hearing your experience.

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