Pre Installed Dalhua System, Help Please

Hi all,

I recently bought a house with 3x CCTV cameras installed and linked to a Dalhua dhi-xvr5104hs recorder. This is set up to a monitor and seems to be working perfectly (I can see live images and also scroll back to recordings from up to a month ago).

I’m trying to connect it to my android device so I can view the cameras remotely. After doing a bit of research I’ve set up IP settings and appropriately set up port forwarding on my router.

I’ve installed gdmss lite on my phone but I’m getting stuck on the P2P page. I can put in the serial number but it’s not accepting the username/password. I can only assume this is different from the default system login which I was able to find with a quick Google. The people we bought the house from aren’t contactable unfortunately.

My questions are:

Is there other free android software that will be easier for me to setup/use that won’t require this login info?

If no then are there other options apart from

  1. Sketchy looking login generator software

  2. A master reset that seems to involve taking of the outer casing and holding a button on the motherboard (I’m worried I mess this up and break it)

Or am I missing something obvious?

Thanks for reading!

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