Looking to install new system, had weird experience with ADT

I’m trying to install a system for mostly outdoor monitoring and a smart doorbell looks good. I originally had looked at ADT but they were charging several times for what appeared to be really old and possibly discontinued 720 cameras and the cameras seemed to be on a very short distance motion sensor when what I want is a longer distance surveillance for a larger property. Rep seemed to be kind of spotty, cheerful enough guy but I feel like he probably had to work within the constraints of their product packages and wasn’t able to do much customization. I had originally put in an order but cancelled it this morning with their corporate, I’ll see how to it goes with any hassle he/they might put up today.

Essentially if anyone has experience with this I’m trying to get 3-4 cameras up to cover garage, back of house, and yard. I’d like to get 24/7 monitoring with a few days of data storage on a closed system before deleting useless recordings and/or moving useful recordings onto other data storage. If anyone has any experience with how much data is required for this I’d appreciate it and if anyone has experience with cameras I’d appreciate that as well. Also if anyone has experience with the cost of hardwiring I’d appreciate that as well. I was going to throw in a smart doorbell as well as some sensors for doors and windows. It’s my first go at this so if anyone can give me some advice I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

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