Is throwing a rock through a window something a potential burglar would do to “test” for an alarm?

I live on a fairly busy city street in a townhome with neighbors on either side. On Tuesday night around 10pm, I heard a weird noise and thought my cat knocked something over downstairs. Realized the next morning that someone had thrown a rock at my double pane window (second to the left of my front door) and broken a sizable hole through the outer pane.

Called the cops and they basically said not much can be done. I have a security camera inside, on the window pane of the first window, angled toward my front door and it caught a man walking by at 9:57, and two minutes later you can hear the window to the right (not visible) shatter. But because the camera is through the double pane windows the night vision isn’t great, and you can’t make out much beyond his ethnicity and that he’s wearing headphones.

I can’t prove it was him, maybe someone ran up from the other side out of frame right afterward and threw the rock and ran off the same direction… but it seems likely it’s him. The cop told me it was probably just neighborhood kids (before I found the footage), but after seeing the footage I began to wonder if this is something a potential burglar might have been doing to test my alarm system and see if there were any sensors. I was wondering what you guys think — is this a trend that people do while prowling for homes to break into? Is the fact that I didn’t respond immediately or have an alarm go off an indicator he might try to return? I know no one can say 100%, but I was just wondering if this is a ‘thing’ robbers do or if it’s more likely to be simple vandalism. (Good luck to him if he does decide to break in, because I have door and window sensors on every single entrance way, and there’s no way he’s fitting in the window without opening it and setting off the alarm. But it’s still disconcerting and I don’t want to replace the window and then have it happen again.)

Two additional questions:

– I have Xfinity Home but the security cameras are wired and I have no electrical outlet on my front porch, which is why I have it angled at the door from inside. I would love to mount them outside so the night vision works properly but I don’t want wires running through my walls. Is there an alternative battery-operated wireless camera I could buy without a paid subscription that I could mount in the corner of my porch as a supplement to my Xfinity one? Nest seems to require a subscription and Amazon has a lot of sketchy no-name brands, so asking for recommendations.

– I found some window break sensors on Amazon for pretty cheap, but they look a bit garish in appearance and have blinking LED lights that, although a deterrent, would also be a potential eye sore. . Wondering if these are generally any good, or if you might have superior recommendations that are visible to an intruder but not something massive that are going to make my house look ugly.


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