Teens do stupid things, but killling 3 boys over a ding-dong prank is going too far.

I can’t believe the posters on here saying the kids and parents are somewhat responsible for their deaths, and that the kids deserved to be “scared” by the man for what they did. It was ding dong ditch!! My adorable neighbor kids were just doing this to my house several weeks ago, and yes I rolled my eyes. But then on Christmas Day they brought over a card and homemade cookies. They’re sweethearts. Ding dong ditch is really nothing, and I myself did it as a kid. I think it’s a right of passage.

Now when kids break into homes and schools, vandalize property, steal, assault others, get into gang-related crimes, and do drugs – that’s when you should be saying that their parents are to blame. Parents (and kids) aren’t to blame over a senseless death like being killed by a maniac over a harmless prank. I hope that man gets life.

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