IMPD using home security cameras to solve crime, hope it works to solve burglary on east side – CBS 4 Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Police are hoping to arrest the person accused of stealing hundreds of dollars’ worth of equipment from a home on the east side, all of his moves captured on Ring camera video.

They are hoping surveillance footage of the guy taking equipment from a front porch on Bosart Avenue on December 29 will lead to an arrest-making tip. Police said he stole a power washer, shop vac and other random things from the home.

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Detectives said these devices are helping them solve crimes. Chief Randal Taylor spoke to a crowded room at a public safety news conference this week. He said the B-Link Indy program is paying off.

“If you’re a resident, all we’re asking you to do is consider registering your camera,” Taylor said.

The program is a partnership between neighbors and police. Once someone registers their camera, IMPD can see the device’s location.

“That allows our detectives to be mindful that that camera may exist and may have recorded something that we need to see,” Taylor explained.

Officers don’t want people to worry, and said homeowners are not under surveillance.

“We won’t be looking at you as you’re going through your house or anything like that,” Taylor assured. “All we want to do is look that you have a camera, maybe an outside facing camera, that may have caught something.”

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