(x-post /r/homelab) – Milestone XProtect SV3C camera add failure..please help

Does anyone know if there is some round-about method needed to add an SV3C camera to Milestone Xprotect+?

I have been wanting to setup a security system for a while now but with all my other interests and habits have only obtained 1 camera so far. I have it installed and was using Blue Iris for the last month or so but after getting tired of re-installing the trial version and seeing the XProtect+ is now free for up to 8 cams, I figured I would give it a shot.

I can get into the camera GUI with username/password and have that added in Milestone. It gets passed the hardware detection phase successfully and registers as ONVIF Conformant Device (ONVIF) but fails to collect hardware information.

I’ve been using the auto-find method as there is no SV3C hardware model option but have heard that they do work with Milestone. In BI I remember a glitch of having to add some specific camera models as generic hardware even though that system did have an SV3C option so maybe there is something similar in Milestone?

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