Help Requested – Replacing window casings and not sure what to do about alarm sensors

Some background— Old alarm system in our house that we’ve cut all power to in recent months due to a faulty sensor that I couldn’t seem to quiet. All sensors are hardwired and I’m considering trying to upgrade the hardware using the existing wiring at some point (for DIY, not a paid service monitoring), so I’m trying to preserve the integrity of the wiring to the sensors.

I’m in the process of redoing all trim in our house, and some of the window sensors have these plugs drilled into the moulding, while some other windows with sensors do not. Searching online has turned up nothing thus far so I’m at a loss. Can someone explain to me what these things are and if they’re necessary as I replace the old window casings? Are these “plugs” essentially to facilitate installation of the sensors on old windows/trim? Seems like the sensors in the newer portion of the house don’t have these plugs, which leads me to believe that the sensors were wired at the time those windows were installed vs. afterwards.

When I remove the existing casing, can I just remove this plug entirely and connect the wires directly to the sensor, then enclose all of the wires behind the casing? Now the wires are running on the outside of the casing and then pass under/through the casing right near the sensor.

Window Sensors

Thanks for any help that can be offered.

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