Settings needed to Connect Camera to extended router

Hi All. I was using a TP Link router TL-WR841N as an extender to connect a security cam.

Using this TP link router in Extender Mode and then connecting an ethernet cable between this extended router to my camera.

The camera without this extended router is connecting fine with the base router, but when I use this extended router, I am unable to find the camera(even though both the phone used to setup the camera and the ethernet cable connected to the camera are on the same network router i.e extended router).

EDIT: Solved it. But leaving this post here incase anyone in the future encounters a similar issue. I basically didn’t use the extender mode, and rather used the WISD Mode that is available as an operation mode on the router. The camera connected right away without having to change any settings.

Is there any setting with respect the IP or something that I need to set on the extended router for it to be able to connect to the camera ?

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