Abducted in Plain Sight: words fail me, unbelievably idiot parents and crazy family

WTF. The sheer stupidity of Jan’s parents was truly mind-boggling, I could not believe my ears and eyes. I had to keep reminding myself that this wasn’t fiction, it was FACT, the story is just that loony. Who the hell lets a GROWN man sleep in their 12 year old daughter’s BED for 4 days a week? What kind of mother has an EIGHT month affair with the guy that had kidnapped her underaged daughter? What kind of parents would wait for DAYS before alerting law enforcement that their little daughter has a gone missing with a man? What kind of parents are casual and calm when they receive phone calls from their MISSING daughter who had been already kidnapped once before? What kind of idiot mother PUTS HER DAUGHTER ON A PLANE TO STAY WITH THE MAN WHO HAD PREVIOUSLY KIDNAPPED HER?!

And then another headscratcher: the parents, in recounting this bizarre tale, don’t seem to be cognizant of just how much they failed their daughter; the whole family is together and on happy terms; and one of the sisters think they have great parents. Say what? This could be one way of coping with the trauma that happened, but then I remember how the parents behaved from the very beginning, and think that maybe this family is just truly dysfunctional and f*cked up to begin with, and that’s why it was so easy for the predator to slide his way in, effortlessly. Hell, the parents HANDED OVER their daughter to him!

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