32” Monitor to view 9 screens?

Ok, let me take a whack at this;

First in terms of resolution, you have a 1920×1080 monitor. You are dividing that into a 3×3 display (9 screens) which will provide an effective resolution of 640×360 per display.

In terms of physical size, a 32″ monitor provides a 28.7″ wide by 19″ high display. you subdivide this into a 3×3 display you get a 9.6″x 6.3″ display per monitor.

Now, I would like you to go and look at a 9.6″x6.3″ display at 640X360. We wont worry about color depth or frames per second. Is this display useful?

I can tell you for watching table games, close up cash transactions, and identity verification, it is not.

It is however, effective at looking impressive to people who have no idea what they are doing.

Now, you want to be impressive and effective? Go on amazon, buy a HDMI splitter that can handle 16 channels. Go get 9 32″ monitors. And split each feed into that. It will look cool, plus you may maintain some semblance of utility.


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