Not sure if this is the right place for it but I just worked really hard making this video about all the illegal atrocities the CIA committed through the 50’s to the 70’s.

This was very well done! Please continue, I will become a regular subscriber!

I became fascinated with the MK Ultra experiments after meeting Ted Kaczynski while working at the Supermax in Colorado. I was a nurse there for 3 months. I had to provide first aid type care for him and while doing so, we chatted. He is an intelligent and intense person. I could have talked with him for hours and never gotten bored. I had always known of The Unabomber, but not really in-depth information until after I cared for Ted. It was hard to reconcile the experience of caring for him with his crimes. Ever since that experience, I have spent my free time learning more about the experiments. It is difficult not to fall down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories when researching. So I take a break to watch some mundane show and realize that the TV has truly become my Valium, as Ted Kaczynski predicted in his manifesto. ?

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