Question about swapping new DVR system into existing 8 camera setup. Need advice.

Looking for some advice/guidance on my current situation. I made the mistake of getting a cheap DVR system and have had constant problems with it for the last year and a half. Looking to get a new DVR system with a decent UI, reliable storage, and remote access and notification system.

So my question is, can I just get a DVR since I already have the cameras installed and cables run to the DVR? They plug in via a BNC connector to the back of the current unit. The cameras themselves seem to work fine, it’s just the horrible UI on the DVR, constantly losing recordings, and not being able to setup motion sensing.

This is the system I bought about a year and a half ago:

And I’m wondering if I can buy something like this since I don’t need any cameras:

Here is a little more info on the actual cameras:

I guess I’m just hoping that these existing cameras are compatible with a newer better system like the Amcrest and aren’t proprietary.

Thanks much in advance!!

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