Ritual/”satanic” child abuse & incest in Prescott, Ontario, Canada – Project Jericho

So I’ll start off by saying the only reason I know about this is because I used to live in a town close to Prescott, Ontario. A friend of mine told me about this a couple of years ago and it blew my mind– how is this not something us true crime fanatics already know about!??!

Back in the 80s-90s there was a massive child sex ring with “satanic” (I say this loosely because we all know the hysteria about “satanism”) undertones that was busted and it changed the landscape of the entire town. Schools, streets, and other institutions had to be renamed because HUNDREDS of people in the town were involved. It spanned multiple generations of multiple families.

I’m curious about why this is never brought up in podcasts, true crime discussions, etc. It’s super gross but also the magnitude is something you’d think people would talk about.

Here’s the excerpt from Wikipedia:

In the late 1980s, Prescott became infamous when one of the largest sexual abuse investigations in Canada was conducted, dubbed Project Jericho. The multiple-victim and multiple-offender case began in August 1989, after a young girl disclosed the details of the abuse to her foster parents. Five years later, close to 300 victims and over 100 perpetrators had been named in the investigations. This case was unique, as never before had a multi-victim, multi-offender case of this magnitude been confined to such a small, defined, geographical region without being enclosed within an institution. According to some sources, Project Jericho remains the largest sex abuse investigation in Canadian history. The investigation was a joint effort between many organizations; Project Jericho consisted of members of the Ontario Provincial Police and local police departments, a Special Crown Attorney and victim/witness assistance coordinator, Family and Children’s Services of Leeds-Grenville, the town of Prescott council, the Ontario government’s Ministry of Community and Social Services, as well as the Adult Mental Health services.

The precise nature of the abuse varied from victim to victim, and is still disputed to this day. According to initial reports, the seven-year-old female who came forward in 1989 stated that on top of the sexual abuse, she and other children were submerged in water, confined beneath the floor, and forced to drink “yucky juice”, which some have speculated to be blood. Additionally, adults are said to have terrorized or threatened her and other children with guns, knives and other weapons. Many of these abuses were documented on videotape. In addition to the abuse, victims alleged an infant boy, known only as “Joshua”, had been murdered by the accused abusers. Little information is known regarding the infant or the murder, and no body was ever found. Project Jericho was named in honour of the alleged murder victim.

By 1990, arrests were being made with charges against four individuals being laid while 37 individuals were confirmed or suspected victims; some children began to be removed from their homes. By 1994, the total number of child victims had skyrocketed to 162, with the number of perpetrators being 119. Of these offenders, 97 were male and 22 were female. The victims were primarily child victims, around 162 being children; while 113 were adults, who came forward to disclose abuse suffered as children. Of the 65 cases that went to trial, the investigation saw a conviction rate of 91%.

It was such a major event that intelligence agencies around the world have studied it to learn how these types of “rings” can be avoided.

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Tl;dr – why the hell isn’t this ritual/satanic child sex cult/ring in Prescott, Ontario common knowledge to Canadians!?

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