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Do you think corporal punishment is an effective means of discipline? Why or why not?

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Since this is something I grew up with, I have a different take than most Westerners.

Is it effective? No doubt. It was very effective on me. And it was very effective on the friends I grew up with.

Teenage rebellion basically isn’t a thing. I kept being puzzled every time I read about it in Western sources. Your parents would literally whip the rebellion out of you. Did it work on everyone? No, obviously not. But it worked on the vast majority of people.

Is it something I would practice? No. I have 2 reasons:

Part of the reason I never felt abused is because corporal punishment was the cultural norm. Everyone got whipped by their parents. In fact, we used to exchange stories of being beaten. Note that I don’t use the word spanked. People really do beat their kids. But if you apply the same punishment in a context where it is not culturally-congruent, you will make the kid feel targeted for cruel and unusual punishment.

You can raise perfectly decent human beings who are disciplined and kind without ever having hit them. This settles the case for me. Parents in my country actually don’t believe it’s possible to raise well-mannered children without hitting them. So, they believe they are doing what’s best for the kids. Hitting them is a way to instill not only discipline but toughness. But almost every tough and disciplined Westerner I’ve met has never been hit by their parents.
So, that’s why I wouldn’t do it. But I can’t say that it doesn’t work. I’ve seen it work. Hell, I’ve felt it work.

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