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Criminal Behavior

The average person may ask: Why would anyone even want to commit a crime? This question is at the root of crime and psychology. Criminal psychology is a study of intentions and behavior. Legal practitioners require a grasp of human motivation at its most basic and most debased in order to render fair judgment. Forensic psychologists as well as other mental health professionals are often called upon to help clinically evaluate the mental states of people who cross the law.

Criminal profilers are often well studied in the science of human behavior, trying to understand the mind at its most degenerate. Sometimes the profiler happens to be a forensic psychologist or even a criminal anthropologist. Law enforcement uses these experts for the job of getting inside the headspace of a culprit. Profiling uses crime-scene analysis, investigative psychology, and the behavioral sciences. They try to assess the perpetrator's personality type, lifestyle habits, quirks, and other gritty details.

The Role of Forensic Psychology

Criminologists are not only concerned with profiling, but also with the possibility of an alleged offender committing additional crimes down the road. They also try to ascertain whether or not the the offender suffers from a psychological disorder. Psychologists and psychiatrists participate in the assessment and rehabilitation of offenders, determining what type of treatment can be recommended. Many psychologists in this field also help research a case, or act as advisors and consultants to law enforcement throughout an investigation. You will find forensic psychologists in the wings of any number of resolved and unresolved high-profile murders and other criminal misdeeds.

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