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Nick Name: Lady Killer, The Campus Killer, Ted
Birthday: November 24, 1946
Nationality: American
Famous: Murderers  Serial Killers
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Died At Age: 42
Also Known As: Theodore Robert Bundy, Theodore Robert Cowell
Born In: Burlington
Famous As: Serial Killer
Height: 1.78 M
Spouse/Ex-: Carole Anne Boone
Father: Johnny Culpepper Bundy
Mother: Eleanor Louise Cowell
Died On: January 24, 1989
Place Of Death: Florida State Prison
Cause Of Death: Execution
Ted Bundy, also known as Theodore Robert Bundy, was an American serial killer and rapist, who was active across the Unites States of America during the mid and late 1970s. He confessed to carrying out 30 killings besides committing other crimes, such as kidnappings, rapes and necrophilia. Born to a single mother, was raised by his grandparents and was known to be an introvert and very timid by behavior as a child. However, family members also recall instances where his actions seemed weird and disturbing. During his growing years, Ted Bundy preferred to remain isolated as he failed to understand interpersonal relations and had stated that he had no knowledge regarding developing and nurturing friendship. Most of the victims considered him to be highly attractive, a trait he used to win their attention and trust.

Ted Bundy was born Theodore Robert Cowell on 24 November 1946 at Vermont, United States of America. His mother’s name was Elanor Louise Cowell and his father’s identity remains unknown. Ted Bundy was brought up by his maternal grandparents Samuel Cowell and Elanor Cowell as their own child to avoid the social stigma of their daughter Louise being a young single parent.
In 1951, when his mother married Johnny Culpepper Bundy, a military cook, he was adopted by Johnny Bundy and simultaneously his surname changed from Cowell to Bundy. The couple had four other children of their own.
Ted Bundy completed his high schooling in 1965 from Woodrow Wilson High School and spent the following year in the University of Puget Sound.
In 1966, he got transferred to the University of Washington in order to learn Chinese. However, he dropped out of college in 1968. Sometime after, he enrolled in the Temple University, Philadelphia for a single semester. Later in 1970 he re-enrolled in the university and got honors in psychology.
In 1974 Ted Bundy had enrolled in the University of Utah to study Law.

After dropping out of college in 1968, Ted Bundy went on to take up several odd. During this time he was also a volunteer for the Nelson Rockefeller’s presidential campaign at Seattle.
In 1971, Ted Bundy was employed at a Suicide Hotline Crisis Centre in Seattle. Here he worked alongside Ann Rule, a well known crime writer.
Ted Bundy’s first known murder attempts began in January 1974 when he assaulted and attempted to kill an 18 year old girl in her sleep. A few weeks later, he broke into the house of another woman who was beat in the head and carried away. She was later found with no head. Within six months, eight more women in Washington had been killed by him.
During this time, Ted Bundy was working at the Washington State Department of Emergency Services and was dating his colleague Carole Ann Boone. In June that year there have been two cases of kidnappings. However, this time he did it during the day among public.
There is some debate about when he started his murderous spree but it is generally accepted that he began his murderous rampage around 1974. On January 4, 1974, he sexually assaulted and attempted to kill an 18-year-old girl but she survived.
In the fall of 1974 Ted Bundy moved to Utah and enrolled at the University of Utah to study Law. He then began his murders by October 1974 when he kidnapped and killed three girls of which one was the daughter of a police officer. The next month, he kidnapped a girl by tricking her to believe he was a policeman. However, the girl escaped. The same day he committed another murder and the body of the girl was never found. By the beginning of 1975, Ted Bundy had killed five more women—four from Colorado and one from Utah.
In August 1975, Ted Bundy was arrested by the police for disobeying traffic rules and not stopping his car. The police found equipment in the car that included handcuffs, masks and a crowbar and found out that the car matched the description given by the attack survivor the previous year.

Ted Bundy was then sentenced to fifteen years of jail on 1 March 1976 for kidnapping. But he escaped from prison twice in 1977 even before he could be charged for the several murders committed by him.
After escaping from jail the second time, Ted Bundy was on the loose for several months. In early 1978 he went to Florida where he continued his killings by murdering two women and injuring three others. His last murder was of a twelve-year-old girl before he was arrested on 15 February 1978.
During the trial he confessed to committing 30 homicides. But the true number is still unclear. In July 1979, he was convicted for the two Chi Omega murders and was sentenced to death. He was sentenced to death by electric chair.
He was able to delay his execution for nearly 10 years through the long appeals process and tried to take his case up to the U.S Supreme Court but ultimately he couldn’t overturn his death sentence.


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