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Why is Canada legalizing marijuana?

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Canada elected a new Liberal government in October 2015. One of their notable promises during the campaign was their effort to legalize marijuana — as well as tax it, and regulate it.

They reinforced this promise last spring that they were to begin their legislative efforts in the succeeding spring. It is expected that this is when the marijuana issue will come to light.

Although Canada is not for sure legalizing it, we can assume that it may happen, as the incumbent government says so.

There are various motives for wanting to legalize marijuana, and various interests have different reasons. Some of the come reasons go as follows:

  1. The war on drugs, specifically marijuana, is ineffective. Drug use since the war on drugs emerged has not decreased as a result of it, and millions are being poured into this useless propaganda and prison machine.
  2. Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper claimed that “marijuana is infinitely worse than tobacco”, a great contrast from the attitudes of the successive government. But not only that — it is a flat out lie. Marijuana is certainly not worse than tobacco, that much is for sure.
  3. There is very little to no evidence that marijuana has long term harmful effects on one’s body and mentality. Why is a drug which does not cause harm being kept illegal?
  4. Marijuana has potential beneficial effects. Marijuana is known to have been successful with people with certain physical illnesses, to reduce the pain and otherwise. Marijuana is also commonly used for mental purposes, such as a stress reliever.
  5. The government can generate huge revenues off of it. If marijuana is legalized, the government will definitely be able to indulge in the industry, taxing and regulating.

There is a general trend growing of a more positive outlook on marijuana. It is about time this absurd war on drugs ends, and we start embracing the cannabis culture. The social and economic possibilities are endless.


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