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Aileen Carol Wuornos was a serial killer who had killed seven men, widely believed to be the United States’ first female serial killer. She was convicted for six of the murders and sentenced to death, ultimately meeting her end through execution by lethal injection. The product of a highly dysfunctional marriage, Aileen had been subjected to horrific tortures as a young girl. Her father was a psychopathic pedophile who was in jail at the time of her birth while her mother was an immature teenager who abandoned Aileen and her brother. Brought up by her grandparents, she found herself the victim of rampant childhood sexual abuse at the hands of her grandfather. She never knew any normal familial relations and became pregnant as a result of rape when she was just 14—she claimed that her brother was the father of her child. Exposed to sexual activities at a very tender age she began providing sexual favors in exchange for food, drugs, and cigarettes when she was nine years old. Thrown out of her grandparents’ home as a teenager she began eking out a life as a prostitute. She later started robbing and killing men sequentially earning the notoriety of being the first female American serial killer.

She was involved in a life of crime from an early age. She was arrested for driving under influence in 1974 and also for disorderly conduct. She failed to appear at the court when summoned.
She was involved in the armed robbery of a convenience store in 1981. She was sentenced to prison and released in June 1983. Over the next couple of years she was arrested again on charge of attempting to pass forged checks and named a suspect in the case of a theft of a revolver.
Her criminal tendencies started to rise in 1986. That year she was charged with car theft, showing false identification, resisting arrest, and for threatening a male companion with a gun. The police found a .22 pistol and spare ammunition she had hidden in the car.
In December 1989 the body of her first known victim, Richard Mallory was found. She claimed that he had tried to rape her and that she had killed in self defense—the man did indeed have a criminal record for rape.
After a period of six months, the body of her second victim was found. In June 1990 the naked body of David Spears was found with multiple bullet wounds. He had been shot with a .22 pistol.
Another body was discovered within days of finding Spears in June 1990. The third body was severely decomposed and could not be identified immediately. But it bore certain resemblances to the previous two discoveries that led the police to associate it with the same killer. It was later identified as rodeo worker, Charles Carskaddon.
A vehicle belonging to a missing merchant seaman called Peter Siems was found crashed in July 1990. Eye witnesses reported that two women were seen in the vehicle and described them; one of them was Aileen Wuornos.

The body of delivery driver Eugene Burress was found in August 1990. He had been shot twice with a .22-calibre pistol.
In September 1990 the body of a former police chief, Dick Humphreys was found bearing seven bullet wounds from a .22 pistol. This body had been found in Marion County.
The killer’s final victim was found in November 1990. Walter Antonio, a truck driver had been killed less than 24 hours before his body was found. Like the other bodies, this one too was naked and had been shot four times with a .22 firearm.
The police soon found enough evidence to suspect Wuornos of the serial killings. She was found guilty of murdering six of the men; the body of Peter Siems was never found. She was awarded six death sentences.
Initially she maintained that all the victims had violently raped her while she had been working as a prostitute. Later on she changed her statements and gave inconsistent accounts of the killings.

She met 69-year old yacht club president Lewis Gratz Fell in 1976. The wealthy man married the young woman the same year. However due to her anti-social behaviour Fell divorced her within weeks of the marriage.
She took a lesbian lover, Tyria Moore in 1986. The couple had a four year long relationship that ended in 1990.
She was awarded six death sentences for the murders she had committed. On 9th October 2002 she was executed by the State of Florida by lethal injection.



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